Little River Farms Wedding :: Chelsey + Ryan :: with Alex

What’s the one moment you remember, above all, about your wedding day?  What made it feel so special/memorable?
Do I have to pick just one? Saying our vows was definitely the number one pick!  That part of the day was so special to both of us.  I remember standing up there and partially feeling like we were the only two people there.  We were both so happy and couldn’t stop smiling!
Another favorite moment was right after the ceremony we had HUGE family pictures.  We had told all of our family ahead of time to stay seated after the ceremony and took big group pictures with all 80+ members of both sides of our family.  It was awesome! It’s so hard to get all your family together and we knew it’d be one of the only times we had everyone there – parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!  Everyone we loved, that has watched us grow up and is such a huge part of our life, together in one room (and in one picture)!  I remember looking around and thinking this is the best day ever!
Did you include any heirlooms or special items on your wedding day?  What made you decide to include it/them?
My mom and sister took care of my Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue completely and surprised me with all of it! It was so special to see what they picked for each one.  For my Something Old, my mom cut some lace from her wedding dress and it was used to wrap my bouquet. I loved having something of hers from her special day with me. For my Something Borrowed, they decided to let me “borrow” a tiara we had for our dog, Tinkerbell, that passed away.  We always joked that she was our princess and we found a tiny tiara shortly after we got her and we would always put it on her.  The tiara was nestled in my bouquet as well!  I loved looking down at my bouquet throughout the day to see both of those pieces.
What did it feel like to be dressed for your wedding and see yourself, for the first time, before the ceremony?
It was perfect to have my mom and sister buttoning the back of the dress and I just remember being so excited cause it meant it was almost time for our first look and I was ready to see Ryan for the first time that day!
What did it feel like to see your future spouse for the first time on your wedding day?
Calming, exciting and happy! We didn’t want to do a traditional first look and had decided I would walk down the aisle to him, just like I would have if we didn’t do a first look.  I remember seeing Ryan at the end of the aisle and he looked so handsome!
What did you love most about your photographer?
He was so creative and made us both feel comfortable in front of the camera!
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