Maine Wedding at The Red Barn at Outlook Farm :: Jennifer + Timothy :: with Caroline

Things that surprised me: 

– How lucky we were with the weather forecast that day! We had such gross weather all week long, but Friday was picture perfect! We couldn’t have asked for better weather! It was the perfect fall day – leaves had started to change, clear/sunny skies and a crisp feel to the air (exactly what we wanted!). You never know what you’ll get for weather in early October and we were so pleased!
– I was personally surprised with how calm I was the moments leading up to walking down the aisle with my dad. I thought I’d be soooo nervous, but I was just ready to go – to get down to the end of the aisle to see my future hubby! He was SO handsome 🙂
– How fast the day goes! Everyone warned us, but WOW, it really flew by!
– How many people were out on the dance floor! The vibe that day (from start to finish) was AMAZING! There was so much positive energy!
What we’d love to re-live: 
– The cheer joy and excitement to be marrying my best friend and better half!
– Walking down the aisle and seeing Tim’s face … priceless!
– Our first dance!
– I wish I could just watch the entire day from start to finish. Like one of those out of body experiences to take it all in!
– The moment leading up to our wedding … peeking out the window as guests arrived and the anticipation/excitement leading up marrying my best friend!
We’re so glad we included: 
– I’m so glad we asked my aunt to do a reading during the ceremony and asking a friend to officiate our wedding!
– Bus transportation and an after party 🙂
What it’s like to be married: 
– Our lifestyle hasn’t really changed but it’s literally the best feeling in the world being married to my better half and such a comfort knowing that I ended up with the man of my dreams (we literally had crushes on each other in high school and never knew it until we reconnected years later)! I still have to pinch myself when I pull in the driveway … how did I get so lucky!? I found my person – a man who treats me better than I could have ever asked for/imagined.”
Congratulations, Jennifer + Timothy!! xoxo, The OLAS Team
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