Manchester Country Club Wedding :: Alicia + Joseph :: with Lorna

“After over 7 years of loving each other, our wedding day was by far the best day of our lives.

There is truly no better feeling than committing to love your best friend and soulmate forever. I remember saying our wedding vows vividly, standing alone in a crowded room and only seeing Joe. 
I remember walking out of the church as husband and wife knowing we will journey through life together, through both exciting adventures and facing all obstacles as a team. 
I remember being surrounded by all of the people that we love most in this world and knowing that we are beyond blessed to have such a strong support system and so much love in our lives.
Lastly, I remember laughing through our first dance knowing my husband will always dance with me in the kitchen. 
Joe is my everything and choosing each other forever surrounded by the people that have stood by our sides, supported us and loved us through our lives made our wedding unforgettable.”

Congratulations, Alicia + Joseph!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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