Montauk, NY Wedding :: Cassie + Michael :: With Lisa

Cassie + Michael officially met three years at a bar, and they immediately felt a connection. Turns out Michael had been good friends with Cassie’s cousin ever since they were little! At the time that they started dating they were both working night shifts. Cassie said that “going on morning dates after work was very interesting but hilarious.” Michael proposed on Fourth of July weekend on Block Island, which is one of Cassie’s favorite places, how thoughtful!

They recently got married in New York and the entire day was absolutely superb! We talked to Cassie after their wedding day so we could ask her what their favorite parts of the day were…

Q: Tell us about your wedding!  How would you describe the overall vibe/feeling of your day?  Anything special that you planned and couldn’t wait to see come together?

A: “The overall feeling/vibe of the day was an old school vintage feeling. We wanted to keep everything traditional, our vows, my dress, our first dance music, flowers etc.  We got a 1950’s pickup truck as our getaway car that also fit right into the vibe. We also love to have a good time with friends and family. Mike and I wanted everyone to have a crazy and memorable weekend that we will all be talking about forever.”

Q: Is there a moment that stands out above the rest, now that you’ve been married for a few weeks?

A: “When Mike and I pulled away from the church we had alone time in the truck. We were letting people pass us on the street as we were driving to our picture location because we wanted to drive slow and take our time with each other. As people were passing us they would look in the truck and honk and cheer for us, it was so much fun.”

Q: What does it feel like to finally be married?

A: “I have been asked this question a lot. It feels so different yet quite the same as well. Mike and I have dedicated our lives to each other almost since the day we met. We have been on so many adventures and are looking forward to many more. We try to make the best of everything, even if it just walking our dog to the park. We continue to do these things but now have so much to look forward to as husband and wife. We are still in the ‘can you believe it?!’ phase and are having so much fun reliving the day and telling stories from the weekend. We both come from such large extended families and both feel honored to be part of each others family units.”

Congratulations Cassie + Michael!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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