New England Wedding Photographer :: Lisa

Meet Lisa – our super talented Boston photographer with a heart of gold!  You can see her emotional connection to every photograph she takes, and it’s safe to say this self-proclaimed sappy romantic will be there to hand out tissues when needed on your big day.  She’s bound to cry just as much as you throughout, which is exactly what we adore about her.

Lisa is a music and cheese lover (but then again, who isn’t?!).  As a wedding photographer she’s clearly been to a ton of weddings, but thinks maybe even more concerts if it’s possible.  She once drove all the way from Boston to New Jersey to see her favorite band reunite, and played their album on repeat the entire way there and back.  Now that’s what one calls dedication.  She’s just as passionate about trivia as she is music, and goes to trivia night religiously.  Her team has come in first and second place the past two seasons, so clearly all the practice is paying off!

And of course Lisa bakes!  She once made 10 apple pies in one sitting…though hasn’t been able to eat one since.  We’re betting her pies are just as lovely as her photos, and we want more of both!


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