New York Engagement Session at the Cornell Botanical Gardens :: Heather + Will :: with Christian B.

“So we always wondered why we never had hung out all through our younger years. We went to the same middle school and high school. Our friends hung out with each other. I knew who Will was due to knowing his older sister but apparently Will never knew who I was. This will be interpreted by HIM saying, that by me “knowing who he was” meant I had a thing for him. Anyhow! We ran into each other in social circles outside of high school/college a few times. He spilled beer on me one night at a music show cause he was a sloppy drunk that night. Lol  😉  We still look back to the FB comment that was said years and years ago and giggle. Moving along, he got married, I fell in love with boys that needed more help then I could provide. He got divorced, I became single. He stalked me on FB throwing out a comment here and there and finally one day got the nerve to message me. We discussed the possibility of getting a drink which I shot down and offered a Sunday late lunch at the place he spilled beer on me years and years ago. I was not looking for a relationship and decided to at least entertain the idea. I met up with him. We had a great lunch. We went to our homes and couldn’t stop texting each other. We hung out again and again. Then again turned into a relationship. Will was ready to run full force with the relationship, I put the breaks on due to emotional baggage. He took his time. We decided to buy a house with each other which was a huge step. Especially not being married and so soon after being in a relationship (not even a full year) we moved in together, working out a few kinks here and there. Adopted a kitty (Nermal) to add to the pack (I had a kitty named Pep when we started dating). Will planned on marrying me and surprised me one Friday night. I knew the day was coming at some point but he caught me blindsided and EVERYONE knew. I run a tight ship as some may say! No one gets things by me! Lol. I had a horrible two days at work. I came home Friday night knowing my female best friend was randomly in town and we were going to have a little get together. I come to find out that the reason she was in town that night, was for this occasion. I came home, told Will I was gonna go upstairs to die for a minute b/c the last 48 hours were horrible. I came back downstairs and he was immediately at the bottom. He told me he had to show me something on the sun porch, he rearranged it. Me, beyond confused b/c there is nothing amazing on the sun porch at that moment said ok?? I go to look and it’s all lit up with tea lights and a cute table with our Jon Snow and Daenerys Funko Pops on the table and I thought, “Awww…this is cute, he knew I was having a bad day…” I turn around to tell him how cute this was and Will was proposing to me. I was completely thrown off guard and acted so aloof. He presented me the most beautiful ring that my male best friend designed and helped make. Our closest friends came over that night and we had a wonderful celebration followed by another celebration at a local brewery with friends and family the following day. It was a lovely first date. A lovely house. A lovely engagement and it’s gonna be a lovely wedding followed by a lovely life story.”

Congratulations, Heather + Will! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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