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Hey friends! My name is Nina, and I'm thrilled to be a part of the Baltimore + Washington DC team with Once Like A Spark. My photography style walks the line between fine art and documentary. With a natural curiosity and drive to freeze, not only, moments, but feelings in time, I’m always looking to embrace the innate qualities in my surroundings. While I do bring in and make use of lighting equipment when necessary, I strongly prefer to work with the natural light as much as possible. I like to capture the day and all of the important moments as authentically as I can and this is one part of that. The resulting images are timeless and poetic captures.


My approach to photographing weddings is finding the delicate balance between being a fly on the wall and a pop-in director when needed. I like to capture the most purely candid moments that occur on your special day so that when you look back at your images you can feel all those heart-warming emotions you experienced all over again.


I cannot wait to hear from you and be best buds!



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