The Onion Pub & Brewery Wedding :: Paige + Adam :: with Isaac

Paige + Adam’s wedding at the Onion Pub & Brewery was like tall drink of water… or, a good IPA.  😉  Their casual-cool elements added so much personality and made their day truly their own.  Paige recalled some of her favorite things about their wedding day to share:

Tell us about your wedding day!  

Our wedding was truly the best day of my life. I am forever grateful to all those who came together to give us the wedding of our dreams. After being stressed out all week, I remember waking up with a huge sense of calmness on my wedding day. What followed was a celebration full of laughter, happiness, and love. Adam and I wanted our big day to be a party and that vision definitely came true! It is a day that I wish I could relive over and over again.

Is there a moment you remember most about your wedding day?

I will always remember how I felt as I walked down the aisle. Although Adam and I had already seen each other during our “first look” photos, it did not take away from the rush of emotion I felt when our pianist began “Annie’s Song” by John Denver, signaling that it was time for the big moment. Both my parents gave me away (a nod to Jewish tradition and my maternal grandmother) and I love that I got to share such a significant memory with both of them. The minute I saw Adam, I couldn’t stop the flood of happy tears. It was in this moment that everything became so real to me – I was moments away from marrying my best friend.

3. What did you love most about your photographer?

Isaac is so talented and incredibly down-to-Earth. When he showed up the morning of our wedding, it felt like I was greeting an old friend. He was fun to be around and made sure that we felt at-ease throughout the day.

Congratulations, Paige + Adam!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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