Peachtree Club Wedding :: Christine + Patrick :: with Kayla A.

“[Our] wedding day was pure bliss. I couldn’t believe what it felt like to see it all come together, knowing you had spoken to so many different people, signed different contracts; it was surreal to see it all come from paper to real life. We especially had our guests and families in mind as well to make sure they felt special too.

  It started raining 15 minutes before our ceremony.  30 minutes passed, and I could stand to wait any longer to see Patrick.  It was a magical moment and I am so glad we got to share it together before the ceremony. “


What did you love most about your photographer?

 “How laid back and flexible she was!  Kayla was a rock star the entire day; from the schedule changes and delays to the rain and layout change.  She really handled it with grace and made us feel comfortable all the while.  She’s the best.”

What did it feel like to finally be married?

“Exciting!!!  To be able to call Patrick my husband solidified our feelings of love, commitment, and camaraderie. We have so much to look forward to still as husband and wife; this was only the beginning.”


Congratulations, Christina + Patrick!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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