Philadelphia Engagement Session at Bartrams Gardens :: Sarah + Chase :: with Kenzi

“My fiance and I have been together since high school (8 years)! I never thought twice about him whenever I saw him in the halls of school. I was always the somewhat edgy girl who had an eclectic group of friends. High school was extremely difficult for me for a lot of reasons, and I would do anything to get out of school. I was either loved or hated by my peers. Chase, on the other hand, was liked by pretty much everyone. While I didn’t dislike Chase and his friends, I didn’t particularly care for them either. Chase and I both took three years of German together, and during our Junior year, we took a trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. During that 10-day trip, we sat next to each other on the tour bus and feelings started to develop (whether I wanted to admit it or not). Chase asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks after we got back to the U.S. We broke up twice for short periods of time, but ultimately decided our relationship was too special to throw away. We both went to Temple University and have been living in an apartment in South Philadelphia since. I adopted a dog who I named Einstein around the same time Chase and I started dating, and he is like our child. I think the three of us make a perfect little family, and Einstein will be a part of our wedding. We had been talking about marriage for about a year when Chase proposed to me. It was definitely NOT a surprise, but the engagement was amazing nonetheless. He took me to Brauhaus Schmitz, our favorite German restaurant in the city. Before dessert he got down on one knee, explained how our relationship started in Germany so it only felt right to propose in the closest place to Germany we could get to at the moment, and asked me to be his wife. My answer was obviously “YES”! Chase and I have grown together. We helped each other develop in some pretty important years of our lives. Our time together has not always been easy, but I honestly am a better person today because of him. We’re VERY different in a lot of ways, but we agree on the core values. I honestly could not imagine my life with anyone else. Everyone always asks us whether we think we missed out on the dating scene because we’ve been together since high school, but we both agree that without a doubt the answer is a hard “no”!”

Congratulations, Sarah + Chase! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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