Piedmont Park Engagement Session :: Stephanie + Philip :: with Alex

Phil’s proposal to Stephanie was a product of precise planning and a lot of white lies. Stephanie loves to always be in the know of the things going on around her, and Stephanie, which Phil believes to be genetically passed on, has the ability to think of absolutely everything that needs to be planned for something to come to fruition. However, Phil loves a surprise and loves a challenge. Having pulled off one surprise to Stephanie during their relationship already, Phil knew that a surprise proposal would not only be possible, but it would be grand.

Under the guise of taking a trip to Phil’s parent’s house in Florida, he planned a different vacation with Stephanie’s sisters and their significant others for after the proposal. So not only would there be a proposal, but there would be a surprise vacation, as well!

The proposal surprise was set up by Phil convincing Stephanie that Phil’s colleagues were taking a work trip to New York to commemorate a successful end of quarter that Phil would be unable to attend because of the aforementioned planned vacation. Phil convinced Stephanie that his bosses allowed him to take himself and Stephanie out to a fancy dinner in Atlanta, since he could not go to New York, as his reward for a successful end of quarter. Stephanie agreed to go out to dinner at Canoe with Phil on Wednesday, August 29, 2018, even though she hadn’t started packing for vacation yet.

At dinner, Stephanie and Phil enjoyed a meal of some of the best food Canoe and the city of Atlanta had to offer, while observing one of the prettiest views in the city’s dining scene. Following dinner, Phil took Stephanie on a walk through the gorgeous gardens of Canoe. While on the walk, adjacent to the river’s edge, the following conversation occurred:

Phil: Stephanie, do you like me?

Stephanie: Yes, I like you.

P: But do you like me, like me?

S: If this is one of those “check the box” things, like back in school? For you, I’ll always check yes.

P: Ok, good. Even if it said, “do you love me?”

S: Yes

P: Ok, good. Even if it said, “Can I get a dog and a cat?”

S: …You can have a dog OR a cat…eventually.

P: Ok, good. Even if it said, “Will you marry me?”


And as Phil, bent on one knee, presented Stephanie with the magnificent ring, family and friends, who had been hidden inside the restaurant, cheered and applauded as photographs captured the epic moment. As Stephanie slid the ring onto her finger, Phil also filled her in on the true vacation plans of taking Stephanie to the most magical place (and her favorite place) on Earth, Walt Disney World.


And they lived happily ever after! Congratulations, Stephanie + Phil!! xoxo, The OLAS Team


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