Private Wedding in Phoenix, MD :: Katie + Matt :: with Kenzi

Katie & Matt met through mutual friends and family.  While both of them were away at school their parents became good friends and after meeting each other at a family dinner, they realized that we had a lot of interests and friends in common.  It turned out that most of their lives have been parallel to each other just a few years off because Matt is a few years older than Katie (same groups, activities etc.) so it was strange that they hadn’t met before.  Matt used to come up to visit during Katie’s last few months at school and she would come back home for the weekends “to hang out with friends” because of course, they couldn’t give their parents the satisfaction of knowing they had been seeing each other. 😉  Their first date was paintballing, foreshadowing the excitement and adventures in their relationship for years after that.  After paintballing, they went down to Fells Point to dance at Cat’s Eye Pub (they both love listening to and performing live music) and then walked around the dock at Henderson’s Wharf where they sat for hours chatting. Little did Ithey know, years later that would be the same exact spot Matt would propose!  Their time together has been some of the most exciting, humbling, and joy-filled years so far and they’re both so excited for the next stage of their lives!  We’re so excited these two are finally married!!  

Congratulations, Katie + Matt!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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