Private Wedding in Townville, SC :: Rachel + Justin :: with Tyler

“The most talked about moment of weddings seems to be the first time the groom lays eyes on his bride.  You don’t hear a whole lot about the moment the bride lays eyes on her groom.  For me, that was THE MOMENT.  When I saw Justin standing at the altar,  the stress of the day was overcome by joy.  All plans to saunter slowly down the aisle were abandoned and had it not been for the length of my dress, I probably would have run to him.

After the ceremony and before pictures, Justin and I went up on the balcony to spend a few minutes together.  We realized that from where we were standing we had a view of our family and guests down below.  We were amazed and honored that so many people had paused their lives to support us as we started ours.  It was really beautiful.
Justin and I were also in awe that it stopped raining for the wedding.  It had poured the entire week before and was supposed to continue raining, but for a few hours the storms cleared and the weather was perfect.  It even sprinkled lightly for a few minutes while Justin and I were being photographed which made for some epic shots with our umbrella.  The lighting was so perfect, my parents even came down to the dock to get a few photos!
Overall we could not have imagined a better day and we are so grateful to everyone who made it happen.”
Congratulations, Rachel + Justin!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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