Regatta Place Wedding in Newport, RI :: Erin + Sean :: with Lisa

Erin + Sean are married!! Their incredible seaside wedding at Regatta Place in Rhode Island is blowing us away!

We asked Erin to tell us about her proposal and she told us the cutest story ever!! “When I woke up the morning of the proposal, I found a note taped to our mirror in the bathroom. Sean had written an entry about his feelings for me from before we even started dating. I don’t think I quite got what was going on because I couldn’t help but think to myself “Sean has a journal?! I have to remind him to get me a card for every special occasion!” When I went back to the bedroom to wake up Sean and ask him about this journal of his, he was already down on one knee. I was overcome with emotion, more than I ever thought I would be in that moment, and remember coming to when Sean told me I had to look at him because he had something important to ask me. It was the most special moment. We are really so excited for this next chapter in our lives!”

We are so happy for you two & wish you many many more years of joy!!

Congratulations, Erin + Sean!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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