Highlights :: Michelle + Philip’s Brenton Point State Park Engagement Session :: with Graham

Michelle + Philip’s Brenton Point State Park engagement shoot in Newport, RI is pure Heaven!

The love they share is clearly as beautiful as the landscape they chose for their shoot.  We can’t wait for their wedding next May!

More about Michelle + Philip:

We are actually from the same hometown (Stoughton, MA) and went to all the same schools since elementary school. We got to know each other in high school and were good friends. Prior to this, we actually somewhat disliked each other for many years! We then both ended up going to NortheasternUniversity (Michelle graduated high school one year before Phil, so she likes to say that he followed her there like a stalker).The rest is history as they say. We’ve been together since July 2009 and have grown up so much with each other over these years. We live together in a condo in Dorchester, and both work in healthcare inBoston hospitals/universities. Our families and friends all know each other well and have been a part of this journey with us, and we are so excited to celebrate with them in style on a holiday weekend!”

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