Savannah Station Wedding :: Justine + Bourke :: with Tyler

Tell us about your wedding!  How would you describe the overall vibe/feeling of your day?  Anything special that you planned and couldn’t wait to see come together?
We wanted our wedding day to be laid back and fun. Our wedding party, family, and friends made sure that happened for us! There was very little stress on the day-of and we truly got to enjoy every second of it. We spent a lot of time planning our reception details: the layout, the food, the dance floor, and our sparkler exit. To see it all come together after so many months of planning was awesome.
Is there a moment that stands out above the rest, now that you’ve been married for a few weeks?  
Definitely the first look. We went back and forth trying to figure out if we wanted to do one, and we’re glad we decided to. There are so few moments on your wedding day when it’s just the two of you alone, so it was really special to enjoy that time by ourselves and talk about what the day meant to us. We also loved our reception exit. We asked our parents to be at the end of the sparkler line, so we could hug and thank them one last time for everything they had done for us.
What’s your favorite thing that you decided to include or spend money on?
Our band! We love to dance, and we knew it would be one of the most important things to spend our money on. Our band played a wide variety of music to please all of our guests, and they also made the last half of the reception a non-stop party. We didn’t leave the dance floor the whole night!
What did you love most about working with OLAS?
The people. We worked with Tyler during our engagement photos, and we knew he had to be with us on our wedding day. He made us feel comfortable the entire day. Our second shooter, Lindsey, was great too. They respected the style we were going for, and we’d recommend them to anyone!
How, if at all, are you incorporating elements from your wedding into your home or everyday life?  Anything special that you’re excited to keep for years to come? 
We used our engagement photos to create the Guest Book, and it’s currently sitting on our coffee table. It’s so funny to read what our guests had to say (especially after a few drinks).
What does it feel like to finally be married?
It still feels surreal at times. We’ll look at one another and say ‘We’re married!”. It was one of the most important days of our lives so far, and we wish we could do the day all over again!
Congratulations, Justine + Bourke!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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