SNEAK PEEK :: Katy + BJ’s Nautical Wedding in Wolfeboro, NH :: with Graham

We are SO excited to share with you today Katy + BJ’s stunning, nautical themed wedding in Wolfeboro, shot by our ever-talented Northeast photographer Graham. Katy + BJ got married in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, where Katy grew up on the lake vacationing at her grandparents’ cottage. There is so much we love about this wedding, particularly the way in which this adorable couple incorporated so much of what is meaning to them into their big day. The centerpieces and awesome caketopper were largely inspired by Katy’s fond memories of going out on a rowboat with her grandmother on the lake, and because soccer is so central to both Katy + BJ’s lives, they decided to donate to the B+ Foundation in lieu of favors. Take a second to click through, especially if you are a soccer fan! The B+ Foundation is an awesome organization that honors the life of a local youth soccer player who battled cancer. Graham did a phenomenal job of capturing these intimate details and an overwhelming amount of joy and emotion that is evident in this beautiful wedding. This wedding is positively overflowing with joy. We are so eager to share these photos with you all, so let’s get right to it! Here are some of our favorites from this beautiful day:

1. Everything nautical themed about this wedding! From the amazing anchor ties that the groomsmen sport so well, to the gorgeous blue tones, to the rowboat table number holders and cake topper, this wedding is chock full of awesome details. (The nautical theme actually reaches back to their “Take the Plunge” save-the-dates…love it!)

2. The joyfulness of the ceremony. We absolutely love Katy’s exuberance as she is exiting the church with her new husband 🙂

3. Some of our favorite couples shots are the ones of Katy + BJ on the rocks overlooking the harbor…picturesque sailboats included.

4. The wide range of beautiful emotion that Graham captured during the toasts at the reception…from laughter to sweet, sentimental tears, we are totally enamored with this series of shots.

5. Finally, the dancing photos!! It is so clear that everyone was having an AMAZING time and dancing their hearts out at this reception! Every minute of this wedding was so very joyful, don’t to the very last minute.

Katy + BJ, thank you so, so much for giving us the honor of capturing your gorgeous day. We loved every minute of it, and we hope you adore your sneak peek! xoxo

Ceremony: All Saint’s Episcopal Church; Reception: Brewster Academy; Florist: Dandelions Florist; Cake Vendor: The Yum Yum Shop; Caterer: Brewster Academy; Entertainment : Tuxedo Junction; Officiant: Pastor Gina Finocchiaro; Dress Designer: CB Couture; Shoe Designer: Jack Rogers; Make-Up Artist/Hair: Capelli Salon; Invitation and Program Vendor:  Apropos; Transportation: Wolfeboro Trolley

Katy BJ-0003_OnceLikeaSpark

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Katy BJ-0637_OnceLikeaSpark

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