Stone Mountain Engagement Session :: Brittany + Chad :: with Greta

“At 25 I promised my mom that if I was still single when I turned 30 I would online date. (I figured I would never have to follow through with it.) Well, my mom never forgets anything and was on my case after I turned 30. So, I have my nagging mom to thank for meeting the love of my life. Sometime in the fall of 2017 Chad and I “matched”… twice according to his first pickup line. We talked for about a week and I finally agreed to give him my number. Which lead to radio silence for 6 WEEKS. I woke up one morning to a 7 am text message from a guy named Chad from bumble. Something about him intrigued me and I let it slide that he had waited so long to actually use my number. We began texting and I quickly learned we lived on the same road. I had just bought my house and I wasn’t in an awkward situation texting with one of my new neighbors. Something kept telling me to give this guy a chance. We went out on our first date on December 30th of 2017. Chad tried talking me into being his NYE date… telling me it’d be a great story. I think we ended up with quite an amazing story. God placed us on a path to meet each other and I’m beyond thankful. I cannot wait to be Chad’s wife and Wyatt’s stepmom.”

Congratulations, Brittany + Chad! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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