Suada Studio Wedding in Atlanta, GA :: Precious + Kenwin :: with Page

“The most memorable moment is most definitely my entry into the ceremony. The look on my groom’s face. He was sweaty and teary eyed after already watching our beautiful baby girls prepare the isle for me. We were finally solidifying the love we shared for each other for 16 years. Finally solidifying our family. And finally becoming one. The feeling is everlasting. We put in so much work to build what we have and this was the icing on the cake. Now as Husband and wife, we feel more connected than we ever did but we are just as in love as we were as teenagers.

The best part is that our baby girls were able to be in the moments with us. They were definitely a highlight and our most precious accomplishments as Husband and Wife.” Wow, wow, wow!! What a sweet love and beautiful sentiment. We are so happy for this family and that they all got to celebrate together and joyfully!

Congratulations, Precious + Kenwin!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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