Talking Rock, GA Engagement Session :: Stephanie + Fernando :: with Rebekah

“We shared our first dance on the very first night we met. We were on the lawn of a country concert on a hot summer night, and for those few moments, it felt like they were singing just so we could dance together. For those few moments, the crowd that was once around us blurred, and it was just us. A country concert for two. 
During this dance through conversation, we discovered two critical things we had in common: He told me he loved musicals. I got so excited and we talked about our favorites. After a while when we both realized we were still dancing, I just had to say it.“…I actually don’t really like dancing…” to which he responded, “Oh, me either!”, and we laughed.

There is much debate on how exactly the events unfolded on this night, but – there is one irrefutable detail: I had to make sure he had my number. I found a clever excuse and snuck my number into his phone. I snuck away from the concert with my friends. With just a few words and a dance, I was 100% sure we’d see each other again.

Fast-forward about two months. We’re standing outside his apartment. Instead of unlocking the door as expected, he reaches behind his back and takes out a tie.

“I can blindfold you, or, you can close your eyes.”

Unable now to see, I heard the door open, and he led me inside.

After what felt like forever, he removed the blindfold. I saw candlelight and hundreds of paper cranes strung from the ceiling, cascading downward, surrounding us. He finally spoke.

“There is a Japanese legend that says the one who folds 1,000 paper cranes will get their wish. I didn’t quite get to a thousand, but I’m really hoping that maybe I could still be lucky enough…”

This old-fashioned gentleman asked to make our relationship official. I was his wish.

Exactly two years after the day we met, we were admiring the beautiful cliffs of Ireland together when we noticed a mysterious little jar tucked away in the grass. There was a rolled up piece of paper inside. I excitedly opened it and read aloud the love story of what I thought were two strangers. I realized when I got to the end of what was written, that the love story on the paper was ours. When I looked up from the paper in my hands, there he was, down on one knee, with a ring around the neck of one of the very same paper cranes he folded all that time ago, asking me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!”

Congratulations, Stephanie + Fernando!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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