Tallulah Falls Engagement Session :: Rachael + Joshua :: with Alex

“Josh and I met when I was interviewing him for a student job at Roanoke College- I was also a student there, but a manager. The moment I saw him I knew I wanted him in my life forever. We were best friends and did theatre together for 2 years before we started dating (after I was no longer his boss!), and quickly realized we completed each other. I started graduate school and we were long distance for two years while he finished his undergraduate degree. When I went back for his graduation, he had all of his fraternity brothers line up and form an aisle with tea lights in hand, ala the Office (which we have watched all 9 seasons of at least 15 times). He was at the end of the aisle, waiting for me- half of his brothers were crying. When I said yes the room erupted with cheers and hugs all around.”

Congratulations, Rachael + Joshua!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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