The Bottling Plant Event Center Wedding in Opelika, AL :: Elizabeth + Eric :: with Kayla

We’re SO excited to go into the weekend by sharing Elizabeth + Eric’s beautiful Southern wedding at the Bottling Plant Event Center in Opelika, AL.  Opelika is the neighboring town to their alma mater, Auburn University, and we LOVE the shot that Kayla got of them in front of Auburn’s historic Samford Hall!

We adore their collegiate love story:
“We were studying for the Structural Analysis Final Spring 2014 in the Structures Lab and I didn’t know how to do a virtual works of a frame problem so I stood up and said, ‘I don’t get this.’ He graciously spoke up and said, ‘I can help you.’ And he taught me how to do the problem. I got the problem right on the final and ended up getting an A in the class.  In Fall 2014, we spoke again at [a] tailgate, I thanked him for helping me with that problem and we started talking about what we wanted to do with our degree. We both said we wanted to help people overseas, specifically the Southeast Asia region. That was the first thing that attracted me to him.  Eric asked me to go rock climbing at the Auburn Rec. Never having experience in that area, I went because I was interested in getting to know him more. After, we went to dinner with his friends and he asked me to go to the Auburn vs. LSU football game that weekend. Everything else is history.”

Congratulations, Elizabeth + Eric!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team

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