The Conservatory of Waterstone Wedding in Acworth, GA :: Latoya + Lopez :: with Tyler

Oh, WOW!!  We’re SO excited to share our favorite moments from Latoya + Lopez’s big day.  It was such a party and, at the same time, so intimate and special!  We love the way Latoya describes it… “Reunited and it feels so good… now let’s party!”

We got a little more from Latoya about their best day ever, how married life is going, and what they’re so glad they included on their big day… 

Tell us about your wedding!  How would you describe the overall vibe/feeling of your day?  Anything special that you planned and couldn’t wait to see come together?

“Reunited and it feels so good… Now let’s party”

I loved our wedding, and still get this warm and excited feeling thinking about it. J. We did not plan for perfect day, we both agreed that we would just have the best time we could, and not worry about the little things that would go wrong, because of that we truly felt we had the best day ever at our wedding.  The love we felt from our family and friends in that room was indescribable. The overall feel of our wedding was “Reunited and it feels so good… Now let’s party”. We were surrounded by friends and family that we have not seen in years. The groom and I truly danced our hearts out with everyone.  As the bride, I planned a special rap song for my groom Salt ‘N’ Pepa- Whatta Man. I performed it with my bridesmaids.  I could not wait to see his face when I performed the song. He was all smiles and a touch of embarrassment. J.

 Is there a moment that stands out above the rest, now that you’ve been married for a few weeks?

   A few weeks in, and we are focusing on our thank you cards and I can’t help but think back on how much love was surrounding us that day from family and friends. I’m from Alaska, and the groom is from Atlanta so to have family and friends travel from near and far to take part in our union was just amazing. The best parts were seeing my husband dance with his mom, my dad and I dancing, the speech given by my long time mentor who traveled from Alaska to be there for us, our bridal party constant love for us even after our wedding… oh and both our dads getting on the dance floor period.

What’s your favorite thing that you decided to include or spend money on?

      Our favorite thing we spent money on was our wine and letter box. We purchased this personalized box with our names on it. It was used at our wedding ceremony to place both our letters in. The letters were written directly to each other, not shared with the audience. This letter discussed how we felt about marrying each other, what our hopes for our marriage are in the next 5years, and why we decided to marry each other. The box was sealed in front of family and friends and not to be open until our 5year anniversary. The box is to be placed someone in our home we can see it each day to remind us of our love.

What did you love most about working with OLAS?

    Lopez and I truly loved working with OLAS. We love how professional the company is, we loved that there was constant communication and feedback during our wedding planning process. We had our engagement done with OLAS, taken by Tyler. Tyler was very nice, he made Lopez and I feel really comfortable. We wanted to look very natural in our photos and he did a great job of capturing that, not too posy. We had OLAS for our wedding photos as well and Tyler once again did not disappoint. He was on time; he captured all the things I filled out in my survey of what was important for me to have pictures of on our wedding day. He worked really well with the videographer. All our family and friends thought he was just amazing. He really made the day less stressful. I would recommend OLAS to anyone; such a great company, they made our wedding day so special.

How, if at all, are you incorporating elements from your wedding into your home or everyday life?  Anything special that you’re excited to keep for years to come? 

  We have our wine and letter box in our bed room, we wanted this in a place that reminds us each day that we have made a lifetime commitment to each other.  We have our signed guess booked hung up in our living room with the signatures and love notes from all our family and friends who continue to support us even after our wedding is over. We also plan to use small things from our wedding, like our menu, favors, and flowers on our Christmas tree this year.

What does it feel like to finally be married?

Well, we are only about a month and 6 days in. J. We are finally living with each for the first time, and we are adjusting smoothly so far. Of course there is the once in a while talk about the trash needing to be taken out J but overall we are having way better good days than bad. We are still in the phase of being excited that we get to come home to each other every day, it’s still exciting to say “hey, you are my husband and I’m your wife”.  We both feel happy to know that we both have someone in the world that loves you for exactly who you are.  Lopez is keeping me laughing everyday as he did before we were married. J Overall, we still feel it’s the best decision we ever made and, we looking forward to our future.

Congratulations, Latoya + Lopez!!  xoxo, the OLAS Team

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