The Whitlock Inn Marietta, GA Wedding :: Claire + Thomas :: with Greta

 Claire + Thomas’s wedding at the Whitlock Inn in Marietta was incredible!  We love the Whitlock Inn for so many reasons, especially for the color in the gardens all year long!  Their garden grounds are such a perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding – even in the hottest parts of the Summer.  The Victorian mansion itself is so dreamy – both front and rear porches for rocking under the sunset, fireplaces throughout the home, and a grand ballroom perfect for dancing into the night!  We can’t think of a more perfect venue for Claire + Thomas – the entire day was stunning and so perfectly fit for them!
We caught up with Claire to hear what she remembers most about their best day ever… 
How would you describe your wedding day?  How did you feel and what was it like to see all of your planning come together?  
I was just so happy that it had all finally come together to make a perfect day. I had been nervous the morning of the wedding, since our weather was looking like it might be kind of rainy, but when it miraculously became beautiful outside just as I envisioned, all of my nerves went away. It was incredibly special to spend the day with my Mom and my bridesmaids, and when I spoke with Thomas through the sanctuary doors just before the ceremony, I became so excited to see him at the end of the aisle. After our ceremony, our reception was the party I had always wanted, and Thomas and I were lucky enough to enjoy the time with our families and friends. I think we were both just so happy.
What’s the one moment you remember, above all, about your wedding day?  What made it feel so special/memorable?
I can very much remember walking into the door of the sanctuary, at the start of the processional. It was simply amazing to walk in, with my dad, and see all of our family and friends with Thomas waiting at the end of the aisle. The doors opened up, I walked in, the sun was shining, and there was Thomas standing with the minister, patiently beaming at me as we headed toward the altar. It was an unbelievable moment.
What did you love most about your photographer?
Greta was fabulous! My favorite thing about her is how accommodating and flexible she is, with changes and timing and generally going with the flow, no matter what was happening. My Dad can remember that she was working really hard to take some shots before the ceremony, hit her head on a beam, and just kept on going with her plan. She was so helpful and wonderful the entire day.
Did you include any heirlooms or special items in your wedding day?  What made you decide to include it/them?
On our wedding day, I wore the same earrings that my cousin Martha had worn on her day, and I was also wearing my great grandmother’s pink sapphire, which was a gift from my parents for graduate school, along with a string of pearls I have had since I was a little girl. These were beautiful keepsakes for me to be wearing, especially for such an event. It felt like I had all of the women in my family with me on our important and special day.
What did it feel like to finally be married?
It felt (and feels) fantastic! Everyone keeps describing how radiant we looked, which I think captures exactly how we felt. We were suddenly so relaxed and happy, and we just had a wonderful time celebrating.

 Congratulations, Claire + Thomas!!  xoxo, The OLAS Team


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