Savannah, GA Engagement Shoot with Maggie + Ted :: with Kayla H

Bold, playful, and a little retro… Maggie + Ted brought their personalities to this Savannah, GA engagement shoot and we couldn’t be more obsessed with how Kayla captured these two in their natural habitat!

Huge Beatles fans, Ted spent a year working to get a custom engagement ring made for Maggie… a unique replica of Ringo’s giant ruby ring in the movie “Help!”  (We did say bold, right?!)

We LOVE the way Maggie tells their proposal story:

“This past October Ted took me to NYC to see a band that he produced (and that I LOVE) for their annual Hall-o-Queen show (where they do one set of originals and one set of Queen songs, while dressed as Queen). Before the show, he took me to the Imagine mosaic at Strawberry Fields in Central Park because I am a HUGE Beatles/John Lennon fan and that is a place that means a lot to me. When we walked up, I sat on a nearby bench to enjoy hearing a guy playing Beatles song on his acoustic guitar while people took their pictures with the mosaic. Before I knew it, Ted was next to me on his knee asking me to marry him! I, of course, said yes and couldn’t control my tears. The ring was a replica of Ringo’s gigantic ruby ring from the movie ‘Help!’ (big Beatles fan, remember?) that he’d been having custom made for over a year. The next thing I know, my dad and step mom are there taking photos. They had flown in from SC just for the occasion, and my dad had never been to NYC! Then Ted tells me, “I originally planned to do this at the concert tonight, but this was too perfect. The band still thinks it is happening there. So… we can either tell them it already happened…or just do it again…” So we put our costumes on (villains from the movie ‘Yellow Submarine’ … more Beatles, surprise), and did it again at the concert in front of 700 cheering people! It was perfect, and I’m so grateful that Ted put so much thought into making it a special, personalized occasion.”

Congratulations, Maggie + Ted!  We can’t wait for your wedding in September!

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