Wadsworth Falls State Park Engagement Session in Middletown, CT :: Sarah + Ray :: With Graham

Sarah + Ray are high school sweethearts! There’s always something so special about a couple who’s known one another through so many seasons of life!

They were both in drama club together and on a trip to Boston that the club was taking they ended up sitting next to each other! Sarah says that “Ray was not a fan at first, giving me one-word answers all there but in my mind we were already good friends.” Once Ray actually started talking to Sarah he realized that she was not an annoying freshman which he initially thought she was. They dated all throughout high school and even though they parted ways when Sarah went off college they found their way back to each other and never looked back!

Their engagement session around Wadsworth Fall State Park was such a joy to shoot, we absolutely loved being able to capture the love that these two have for each other! We talked to Sarah after the session to hear more about their engagement and their wedding plans…

Q: What did you love most about your engagement shoot?  Your photographer?

A: “What we loved more about our engagement shoot was being able to go back to the place where we got engaged. Wadsworth Falls is a special place that we like to bring our dog. Tuck for walks and hikes especially in the fall so this was a very special shoot being able to be at that place as well as during our favorite time of year. Our photographer, Graham was the definition of professional. He really made the entire process very comfortable and stress-free and was very willing to go the extra mile, even hiking in the woods for a bit to get us some very creative shots.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to about your wedding?

A: “What are we are most looking forward to about our wedding is being able to celebrate with our closest family and friends and finally be able to call each other husband and wife. We have had such a long term relationship and have been through so much of life together and we are both excited for what our future together holds.”

Q: Any tips for other engaged brides who are hiring their vendors or starting the planning process?

A: “The tips that I have for other engaged brides who are starting the planning process would be to enjoy the ride because it will be one. At times planning might be overwhelming but you need to remind yourself of that bigger picture of you and the love of your life being able to make that commitment to each other and it will make everything feel more in perspective. It is a day dedicated to how much you love each other and making your dreams a reality.”

Congratulations Sarah + Ray!! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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