Wells Reserve Engagement Session in Wells, ME :: Nicole + Adam :: With Caroline

Nicole + Adam met when they were only 14 years old after she moved into the house next to his. They quickly became friends and spent an entire summer getting to know one another. Freshman year came and they continued to hang out, but they realized that they did not want to be just friends anymore! They dated all throughout high school and even kept things going long distance when Nicole moved to New Hampshire to go to nursing school. After several years of distance Nicole decided it was time to move back home so that they could really be together. They have been together over 9 years now and they are overjoyed to finally be engaged!!

Their engagement session around Wells Reserve is making us smile from ear to ear! It is always so sweet when couples just can’t help but laugh and be giddy around each other! We are so happy for these high school sweethearts!

Congratulations Nicole + Adam! xoxo, The OLAS Team

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