Whittier Mill Park Engagement Shoot in Atlanta, GA with Laura + Justin :: with Alex

If there’s a more Heavenly love story than Laura + Justin’s, we haven’t heard it yet!  These two are bringing absolute JOY to the blog today – their love for each other is so clear and we’re so excited to share the highlights from their engagement shoot.

“Justin is a paramedic and I’m a nurse practitioner. I was working in triage on a day when he brought a patient in on the ambulance. He said when he saw me that it literally took his breath away and he turned around and walked out the ambulance bay to gather himself. I don’t remember seeing him that day. The reason he had such a strong emotional reaction to seeing me is because he literally dreamed of me his entire life. He said a woman that looked exactly like me would come to him in his dreams. She never said anything but as he got older, he noticed that after he would dream of her, something dangerous would happen at work (he’s a former firefighter). He started seeing her as a guardian who was warning him. We have both worked in the medical field in Atlanta for many years but never saw/met each other. I worked in the ER at Grady for over two years where ambulances were constantly bringing patients in but we never saw each other. God had not opened our eyes to each other yet. Neither of us was supposed to be at the hospital where we met. I was supposed to work at the main campus but against my wishes, the administration kept assigning me to the south campus. Justin wasn’t supposed to be working in South Fulton. He started out in North Fulton but they transferred him against his wishes to South Fulton as well as making him take 911 calls instead of just doing transports. If it had not been for outside influences causing us to be at that same hospital, we probably wouldn’t have met.”

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