World’s End Engagement Shoot :: Aly + David :: with Graham

Aly + Dave’s engagement shoot at World’s End is bringing all the cozy, autumn vibes to the blog today.  For a couple that met up in the air (literally, on an airplane!), these two sure are grounded.  
Read on to hear more about how Aly + Dave met… and what Aly is most looking forward to about their wedding!
“Dave and I actually met on an airplane! It’s a pretty fun story… we were both living in Los Angeles at the time (we’re both from the Boston area, originally) and were taking a JetBlue red-eye home- he was surprising his younger brother for his high school graduation, and I had a family wedding and my mom’s 50th birthday. I had a Red Sox shirt on during the flight, and when I went to take my seat he commented on it! A lot of people love the fact that we weren’t actually sitting next to each other, there was someone seated in between us (eventually we were just talking over him!). In the morning, when we landed, he asked for my phone number and we had our first official date when we got back to LA! It worked out perfectly, we were living about 20 minutes apart from each other in LA, and our families lived about an hour apart from each other in Massachusetts. We moved back to MA a little over a year ago now and love being home with everyone.
Our very first trip together was a weekend away in Palm Springs about 6 months after we started dating. Palm Springs is at the bottom of a mountain that you can take a tram to the top of, and the view is completely breathtaking. It had snowed at the top and it was really romantic, and at one point I remember turning to Dave and telling him that if he ever proposed to me, it should be someplace like that. He SWEARS he doesn’t remember that conversation, but that is the exact spot that he did propose to me about 3 and a half years later 🙂 So that’s definitely something that stands out quite a bit.
We had a great engagement shoot with Graham! Dave and I DEFINITELY both felt awkward, but I think Graham was laughing with us rather than at us! He helped us to loosen up a little bit and just have fun.
I think what I’m most excited for about our wedding (other than marrying my best friend of course) is to see the look on Dave’s face when he sees me in my dress for the first time. We’re not doing a first look, and he’s really a big sap at heart. I think he’s definitely going to cry 🙂 “

Congratulations, Aly + David!! xoxo, The OLAS Team


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